These ladies are adorable. An and Ria really taught me something today, to never forget the simplest things in life and to live as if we were experiencing things for the first time. I have flown on airplanes so much the past few years, the feeling of flying becomes jaded. Flying become more of a mode of transport than an experience. They brought me back to when I was a kid and taking the plane to go on a vacation at a nearby country. I was so excited about having inflight entertainment, making sure I maximize watching as many films as I can and having your food served right to your seat. Nevertheless, I still get those butterflies whenever I fly now, especially during take off and landing, while muttering a prayer under my breath. 

Seeing them being all excited and rejuvenated by new experiences reminds me that travelling should be living in the moment and not crossing off places on a list. People say travel as much as you can when you are old but An and Ria just showed me travelling never ends, no matter what age you are at. It is all about the attitude.